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You can reach us at or +31(0)634843431 

The minimum stay is 2 nights. In high season the minimum stay is 7 nights from Friday to Friday. Occasionally we have 1 night available in between stays. If you'd like to book for just 1 night do contact us. Starting 1 januari 2019 you can book a stay for a weekend (Friday to Monday), midweek (Monday to Friday) or a week (Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday). For Cabin 03 this applies starting 1 October 2018

You'll find the rates on the pages of the cabins: CABIN 01CABIN 02 en CABIN 03

You can book a cabin through the following link BOEK EEN CABIN. Here you'll find the availability calendars. When you click on your preferred starting date (green = available, red=not available) you'll be directed to a booking form. Here you can change the language to English. Payment of your stay is directly upon booking. Please be aware that you stay on a small island that can only be reached by boat. If the lake freezes over during wintertime, you are not allowed to sail the lake and unfortunately won't be able to reach the cabin. In this case we will notify you at least one day before your stay and you'll receive your payment back

We follow the Dutch school holidays and festive Holidays (Easter, Pentecost, Ascension weekend): 
> 6 July - 3 September 2018
> 12 October - 29 October 2018
> 21 december 2018 - 7 January 2019
> 15 Februari - 11 March 2019
> 19 April - 13 May 2019
> 31 May - 3 June 2019 (Ascension weekend)
> 7 June - 10 June 2019(Pentecost)
> 5 July - 2 September 2019
> 11 October - 28 October 2019
> 20 December 2019 - 6 January 2020

> When you cancel up to 4 weeks before your booked stay we will charge you 10% of the invoice.
> When you cancel between 3 and 4 weeks before your booked stay we will charge you 25% of the invoice.
> When you cancel between 2 and 3 weeks before your booked stay we will charge you 50% of the invoice.
> When you cancel between 1 and 2 weeks before your booked stay we will charge you 75% of the invoice.
> When you cancel within 1 week before your booked stay we will charge you 100% of the invoice. The same applies when you don't show up or when you terminate your stay before the end date of your stay. 

Check-in time is 3 PM, check-out time is 11 AM. You will do the check-in by yourself, a few days before your stay you'll receive an email with the codes for the key safe and more information regarding your stay (route description).

The address of cabin 01 is Marsweg 1 in Lettele. Cabin 01 is best reached by car. You can park your car next to the cabin.
The address of cabin 02 is Zuidelijke Vechtdijk 6 in Dalfsen. You can reach cabin 02 by car and also by train (15 minute walk from train station Dalfsen). You can park your car next to the cabin.
Cabin 03 doesn't have an address. The cabin is situated on an island near Straatweg 99 in Rotterdam. You can reach cabin 03 by car or public transport. Free parking is close to the rowing boat that brings you to the cabin. 

The size of cabin 01 is 42m2. Cabin 01 has room for up to 4 people (2p-bedroom & 2p-bird's nest)
The size of cabin 02 is 70m2. Cabin 02 has room for up to 5 people (2p-bedroom & 3p-bedroom)
The size of cabin 03 is 40m2. Cabin 03 has room for up to 4 people (2 2p-bedrooms)

Pets are welcome in our cabins. You'll pay an extra charge of 25 Euros per stay. The terrain surrounding cabin 01 is open. The terrain surrounding cabin 02 is completely fenced. Cabin 03 is surrounded by water on all sides.

All cabins have WIFI. There is no TV in the cabins.  

That;s a question we often get! We, Arno & Paulien, design, build and rent out the cabins. and we look for fantastic plots to put the cabins on. On Getaway Projects you'll find more info about us and the projects we have realised.